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HPUPM Talk #11

Seminar Hospital Mesra Ibadah


SERDANG, Nov. 24 - The concept of “Hospital Mesra Ibadah” is being introduced by hospitals in Malaysia to implement guardian of worship during illness. In support of this concept, the HPUPM has taken the initiative to hold a HPUPM Talk # 11: Seminar Hospital Mesra Ibadah,  a one-day program at the Main Lecture Hall, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UPM. It also aims to provide exposure of the health nurses roles in maintaining the religious and spiritual affairs of patients.

This seminar started with the topic entitled "The Role of Professional Health Professionals In The Patient Spiritual Aspect" by Prof. Dr. Zabidi Azhar Hussin from Perdana University. He has shared tips that can be practiced by professionals to strengthen the spiritual aspect of the patient such as beginning of communication with the smile, greetings, and listen to the patient.

The program continued with talk by Professor Ir. Dr. Fatimah Ibrahim from the University of Malaya Engineering Faculty with the topic "Prayer and Science: Unpacking Scientific Facts Praying Prayers". This session attracted the attention of the participants in which the discovery of the relationship of prayer and science showed an improvement in the health status of a person when praying in the right way. The session followed with a sharing by Dr. Ahmad Fahmi Md Sahray from Sungai Buloh Hospital with the topic entitled "Empowering Hospital of Worship: Experience and Challenges of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM)".

The topic "Chaplaincy in the Health System: Reality and Practice in Malaysia" was presented by Dr Ishak Mas'ud from the Al-Islam Specialist Hospital where he expressed the desire to develop and practice chaplaincy as one of the primary care services in hospitals. Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj from the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Malaysia has been discussing the importance of ethics that should be practiced in every medical practitioner in the topic of "Ethics of Muslim Medical and Medical Practitioners".

In the afternoon session, the program was continued with the topic of "Rukhsah in Patient Salvation: Concept and Practical" by Prof. Madya Dr. Irwan Mohd Subri from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. He describes the type of patient rukhsah, health workers and shared about the guidelines for patient worship. Pn Suzal Ashima Sulaiman, Nursing Manager of Al-Islam Specialist Hospital has given some input about the concept of this Ibadah-friendly hospital from the experience of a nurse with the topic "HMI: Nursing Perspective".

This program ends with a sharing session by Mr. Hj Shaharom Md Shariff with the topic entitled "The Concept of Shariah Compliant Hospitals: Needs and Practices" where he discussed the latest developments for sharia-compliance hospitals and shared his experiences at An-Nur Hospital. Overall, this one-day program has successfully opened the minds of participants about the importance of worship for spiritual and spiritual care to health workers, patients and members of their families. Invited speakers have been able to provide clear and good input in the topic to cultivate ibadah-friendly hospitals at HPUPM when they operate.


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