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HPUPM Talk #10

Sharing Experiences from Private Hospital


SERDANG, July 23 - The Teaching Hospital Universiti Putra Malaysia has continued its academic  program by initiating the HPUPM Talk # 10: Sharing Experiences from Private Hospital. The program was held to provide exposure on working culture in private hospitals and elements to be considered to provide the best health services to hospital customers.

Program was started with the talk by  KPMC CEO Puchong Specialist Center, Dr Norazwan Shahbudin on "Improving Patient's Satisfaction and Safety with Private Sector Hospitality". He explains how private hospitals operate and emphasize the need to maintain low medical costs while providing the best services for hospital customers. He also highlights the culture of work together and trust to employee is the strength and support system for the hospital to operate well.

The program continued with the second talk on "Sharing Session - Experience Managing Patient's in Private Setting: From Paramedics Perspective" by Puan Julina Mohamed Isa, who previously worked as Senior Nurse Educator at Subang Jaya Medical Center. The talk shares by the speakers has given participants the opportunity to see a work culture in private hospitals from the view and experience of the nurse who is also the first officer to deal with hospital customers. This sharing session opens the mindset of participants with the element that need to be pinned in a paramedics in providing the best services to customers and hospitals.

Overall, the program has been running well and smoothly. Invited  speakers have been successful in providing a good input on the service culture of private hospitals that can be applied to HPUPM in the future.

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